Extraordinary Aspect


2018/3/17  Saturday 19:30  NORTHERN MIAOLI ART CENTER
2018/3/18 Sunday 19:30 National Taichung Theater


Hear the future in Mozart’s symphony, savor the past in Brahms’ violin concerto,
and preserve the memories through Karen Gomyo’s performance.

Hailed as one of the three greatest violin concertos, Brahms’ Violin Concerto in D Major is filled with his personal flair. When Romanticism was all the rage, Brahms stuck to tradition and developed his works with well-organized structures. Through intricate composition skills, Brahms sought innovation in tradition and found a new path for 19th century Romanticism.

Inspired by the father of Danish literature Ludvig Holberg from the 18thcentury, Grieg wrote the Holberg Suite, a French-style suite with a strong Baroque flair. The composition fully displays the characteristic of the era, and carries an ancient atmosphere combined with the unique folksong tradition of the Nordic people.

Prague, Mozart’s most beloved city. The city that welcomed Mozart warmly. Thinking about the successful premiere of Don Giovanni in Prague, Mozart wrote Symphony No. 38 in D Major ("Prague") as a token of gratitude. It was completed when Mozart was transitioning between styles, therefore we can hear some of the new methods the maestro had developed for his future works.



The Intricate Road to Bright Light


2018/3/24 Saturday 19:30 ChungHsing Hall
2018/3/25 Sunday 19:30 Xinying Cultural Center


Writer Huang Chunming’s silver grass dancing on the notes,
Bruckner’s solemn symphony echoing throughout the hall…
a flurry of feelings sprouting within the heart.

 “Silvergrass for Cello and Chamber Orchestra” by Shih-Hui Chen is a piece commissioned by NTSO for the “Symphonic Taiwan” project. Inspired by four poems written by her favorite Taiwanese writer Huang Chunming, Chen noted down her childhood memories with music. Four poems, four different types of music, yet all share the same yearning for her hometown. This is a piece of work that shows the deep connection between music and literature.

Bruckner’s grand Symphony No. 3 has been provoking arguments since its premiere: from arousing conflicts between different schools due to the fact the composer dedicated this composition to Wagner, to having six different versions. Nevertheless, this all shows how unique this symphony is. Symphony No.3 is without a doubt an excellent piece of work from Bruckner’s early compositions. Much of the composer’s personality is infused into this charming symphony, making this piece a perfect starting point to learn more about Bruckner’s style.


Concert Fantastique


2018/3/31  Saturday 19:30  TAICHUNG CITY SEAPORT ART CENTER
2018/4/01 Sunday 19:30 Yuanlin Performance Hall 


Lively, crazy, an explosion of imagination! Mei-Ann Chen and Ching-Yun Hu invites you to join them in this music madness!

This is a concert fueled with imagination! The exciting William Tell Overture by Italian master composer Rossini begins with all sorts of emotions and eventually accumulates into a frantic display. Rachmaninov’s “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini”, which has 24 sections, is the exposition of piano music. Looking for a certain type of performance skill? This piece has you covered. Of course there is the “Symphony No. 9 in E Minor”, titled "Im Sommer". This composition by Raff illustrates beautiful musical sceneries set in the lovely summer.




NTSO Family Concert--Music, Noise & Silenc


2018/4/14 Saturday 19:30 ChungHsing Hall
2018/4/15 Sunday 14:30 ChungHsing Hall


Three meddlesome spirits – Music, Noise and Silence – invade symphony hall. The concert seems doomed as Silence and Noise attempt to seize control of the orchestra. Only with the help of the audience and Music will the conductor be able to break the fierce grip of Noise and bring harmony back to the orchestra.