Symphony vs. Universe


2017/12/17 Sunday 19:30 Chiayi City Concert Hall
2017/12/19 Tuesday 19:30 National Taichung Theater


One great hymn composed of sounds of nature and dedicated to every aspect of creation: the mountains, rocks, flora and fauna…
What Mahler had written actually, was his love and sentiment towards the mortal world.

In 1895, Mahler, who had just completed Symphony No. 3, said to his student Walter, "No use looking up there [to all the beautiful scenery], that’s all been composed by me [in this symphony]."

Indeed, Mahler was extremely proud of this piece of work. It is not only his only composition that does not touch upon death, but also the one that is most related to the mortal world. In this symphony we hear his description of nature, the inner struggles and worries of mortal men and their desire to ascend to eternal heaven. This is the longest piece of work written by Mahler, and also the symphony with the richest musical techniques and themes. The six movements each set up a different scenery: the first three begin with the sound of all beings, and the last three depicts the journey of man from wallowing in desire to ascension.

Mahler’s works may display grand mountains and seascapes or fleeting moments. Every single moment provokes deep thought. Would you like to view the world through Mahler’s eyes? Then come and listen to this symphonic masterpiece.




A Diva X' mas & Ravel 80th Celebration


2017/12/24 Sunday 19:30 Northern Miaoli Art Center 
2017/12/26 Tuesday 19:30 National Concert Hall


Spend this holiday season with the elegance and madness of Ravel and the sound of sacred music that lifts the spirit and soul.

Soprano Tai-Li Chu returns from Italy with a series of sacred music and teams up with NTSO just in time to celebrate the holidays. In addition to “Ave Maria” by Gounod, the famous aria ‘La vergine degli angeli’ from Verdi’s La Forza del Destino, and a couple of other numbers, NTSO will also be presenting French master composer Ravel’s “Bolero”. Come enjoy a peaceful yet lively Christmas holiday with us!


The Many Faces of Richard Strauss


2018/1/13 Saturday 19:30 ChungHsing Hall
2018/1/14 Sunday 14:30 Pingtung Performing Arts Center


He is a composing genius, a master with many faces. His creativity can be found in symphonic poems, opera, art songs, and many more.

Come appreciate the work of this multi-faced composer who is indeed the master of his craft.

Hailed as the final composer of German-Austrian Romanticism, Richard Strauss’ portfolio includes a myriad of composition types and themes. The time in which he lived – during the change of centuries – inspired his diverse and unpredictable styles. His compositions could be extremely avant garde or conservative and romantic. In “Also sprach Zarathustra”, we hear how Strauss explains philosophy with music; and in “Salome”, his headstrong princess beguiles us all.

Yet in “Der Rosenkavalier Suite”, we hear a rare exquisite elegance seldom found in his music; and in the final “Four Last Songs”, the maestro bids us farewell with tranquil and simple music, and we bid him adieu after his 85 years upon this earth.

Come enjoy this concert and be amazed by a brand new perspective of Richard Strauss!




The Night of the Russia


2018/1/14 Sunday 17:30 National Taichung Theater



Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky:〈Valse des Fleurs〉from《The Nutcracker Act II No.13》

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky:Violin Concerto in D Mahor Op.35

Dmitry Kabalevsky:《Les Comèdiens》suite, op.26 

Alexander Borodin:〈Polovtsian Dances〉from《Prince Igor》