About the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra

       Founded in 1945, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra is the oldest symphony orchestra in Taiwan. Since the beginning of its establishment, it was subordinate to the Taiwan Garrison Command, the Taiwan Art Construction Association, the Taiwan Provincial Department of Education, the Department of Culture, the Council for Cultural Affairs, and the Executive Yuan. In May 2012, it is subordinate to Ministry of Culture. The Orchestra is located in Wufeng, Taichung. It is a comprehensive music group with well-organized software and hardware. 

    Over 70 years of history, under the accumulated establishment of directors of past terms and the promotion of the current director Suan-Yung Liu, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra has had rich performing experience. Countless international teams and musicians have been invited to perform with the Orchestra.

    Since 2019, the internationally renowned conductor maestro Lan Shui is invited to take on the position of Principal Guest Conductor of NTSO, cooperating with Liu, Director of the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra with the mission to “enrich artistic skills”, “innovated traditions”, “deepening in education”, promoting aesthetics , thus enhancing the music life of the whole people as if music like air, water and sunshine.