Privacy Announcement

Privacy Announcement

Welcome to the website of National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (hereinafter referred to as the Website). You are welcome to create a link to any information posted in the domain. However, no information shall be reproduced, copied, or distributed without the consent of the Orchestra unless given based on your written request. In order for you to feel at ease in the use of the diversified services provided on the Website, we would like to explain to you the information safety policy abided by the Website:

Applicability of the Policy

The following privacy policy is applicable to the collection, use, and protection of personal information involved in any activity on the Website, but it is not applicable to the websites of governmental agencies or other websites linking to the Website. Other websites, whether operated by the Orchestra or run by third parties, have their own privacy policies. The Orchestra assumes no responsibility for any activities you get involved in on these websites. When you participate in any activity on any such websites, protection of personal information shall be subject to the privacy policies of those websites.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

A user’s personal information will be collected if

1. the user violates any rule provided by the Website, such as an act of reprisal or a personal attack on a forum;

2. an individual’s personal rights or ownership shall be protected;

3. the rights of any unit relating to the Website shall be protected;

4. we are required to cooperate with any judicial agency to conduct investigations;

5. we are required to cooperate with competent authorities to conduct necessary investigations or use certain personal information; or

6. we are required by law to disclose certain personal information in good faith or to maintain and improve the Website’s services.

The Website will not collect the identification information of any person who is simply browsing through webpages and downloading the files provided by the Website.

You may be required to provide some necessary information to use certain on-line services provided by the Website, but the information to be provided will not include your ID card number, telephone number, or mailing address.

The Orchestra has the obligation to protect the privacy of users. None of your personal information or files will be modified or deleted without your consent, except in the following situations:
The Orchestra will not sell, exchange, or rent your personal information to any group, individual, or private business, except in the following situations: 

Consultation Regarding the Privacy Protection Policy

If you have any questions about the privacy protection announcement given by National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, please feel free to contact us.